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Mitochondria Related Assays

A reduction in mitochondrial activity has been strongly linked with various neurodegenerative diseases. Moreover, several mutations have been characterized that induce age-related mitochondrial malfunction. Scantox provides cell culture models that address the effect of compounds on mitochondrial activity and mitochondria related cell death in vitro.

Cell lines and primary neurons can be exposed to different toxins and examined for mitochondrial activity and mitochondrial membrane depolarization.

Effect of Mitochondrial Toxins and Ca2+ Influx on Mitochondrial Function

Compound testing for the following indications:

animal models

Scantox is highly experienced in generating, characterizing, and maintaining transgenic disease models and using them for drug testing projects for more than 20 years.

behavioral testing

Scantox provides a wide range of behavioral tests for various indications. Most tests are evaluated using rater-independent digital animal tracking systems.

histology services

Scantox offers a full set of histology services ranging from collection of tissue samples to delivering study reports that contain all experimental procedures and their outcome.


Scantox Department of Translational Medicine offers a selection of molecular biological methods for the investigation of various diseases. The unit supports in vitro and in vivo studies performed at Scantox.